Siber Koza is a professional entrepreneurship platform that enables technological and original ideas to emerge from their cocoon, turn them into an innovative business idea and grow by meeting with the right resources.


Siber Koza was established by CRYPTTECH company in Turkey, which has been developing national products in the field of cyber security since 2006. CRYPTTECH products and technologies are positioned in the defence industry and in the leading private institutions with the priority of ensuring that younger generation gain different capabilities in the fields of engineering, technology and artificial intelligence.


Siber Koza in Islamabad is leading Cyber ​​Security and Artificial Intelligence technologies platform. Its priority has been set to bring bright minds and assist them establish their developing ecosystems just like its parent branch in Turkey. The unusual ideas, projects, entrepreneurs, companies, investors, professionals will be gathered together under Siber Koza umbrella.


Believing in the transformative power of training and technology, Siber Koza continues its efforts with a young and dynamic energy so that ideas and projects that are waiting as a seed to arise and spread their wings to the world.