Each participant in the Siber ​​Koza project team works with team leaders and other team members to develop the projects determined in the field of interest. Siber Koza’s distinguished mentor team provides a significant contribution to the emergence of innovative projects by guiding the project teams throughout their project-oriented studies and training.


Siber Koza project topic examples are as below:

– Threat Hunting and Cyber ​​Intelligence

– ICS SCADA Security

– Web Application Firewall

  * AI – Anomaly Based Web Application Firewall

– Natural Language Processing

– Image processing

– Sound Processing

– Bio-Inspired Intelligence, Neuromorphic Computing, Genetic Algorithms

  * Using Genetic Algorithms in Log Processing

  * Artificial Intelligence Neuromorphic in Computing – Biomimetic Coding

– Defensive Artificial Intelligence in Cyber ​​Security

 * Attack Pattern Discovery & Attack Prevention

  * User and Entity Behaviour Anomalies

  * Runtime Self-protection (RASP) – Application Security

  * Network Traffic Anomalies

– Offensive Artificial Intelligence in Cyber ​​Security

  * Artificial Intelligence in Penetration Tests

  * Artificial Intelligence in Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit Development

– Artificial Intelligence – ML

– Software Tests

  * Automating Software Tests

  * Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

– Malware Analysis

  * Static MA

  * AI Based MA

– IoT Security

– Enterprise Software Development

– DevSecops

  * Cryptography

  * SIEM

  * SOAR

  * Malware Analysis

  * DLP

  * Forensic & Incident Response