Training Programs Accessible for Everyone

Siber Koza, by believing in the transformative power of training and technology, is launching a training project that is rare in the world to make hundreds of training programs accessible to everyone. Equality of educational opportunity is essential. 

Siber ​​Koza Training Programs are for those who want to improve themselves in a multidisciplinary manner, especially in cyber security, artificial intelligence and basic engineering sciences in their education life, social life and career; It is designed to provide new capabilities to those who aim to increase their motivation, self-confidence and success.

Participants in the training programs can have job opportunities in line with their career goals or take part in project-based jobs.


New generation training programs that enable the participants to come out of their shell with a new vision and to display a more innovative approach in many studies that can create value in the country and in the world are offered digitally and completely free of charge.